US National Park Complete Guideline For All Campers

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US National Park is available in many options. But, if it is your first experience to do your RV camping, hiking, and other activities, you should read this information to help.

US National Park Complete Guideline For All Campers

Valuable Charts to Avoid The Crowd in The US National Park List

The charts here are from Jordan Vincent, a designer and engineer. He Created a set of creative infographics.  He gathered all visitor data from the popular US National Park lists. So, what he did is to plot the attendance based on time of the year, type of lodging, and the average temperature.

Amazingly, he created visualizations and he did it for 54 National Parks, like Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, and Glacier. The data was from 2013 to 2019. You can see the number of lodging, tent, backcountry, and RV campers per chart onto a circle that shows the average temperature and time of year. Here, he included the example chart with the labels so you can read each of the visualizations:

RV camping US National Park List

Surely, the visualizations are valuable for photographers. You know, they need to capture wildlife and landscapes with fewer people around that will not make noise in their videos. From his website, you can find 54 charts and he divided it into some categories like Mountain Desert, Tundra, and others. Also, he included some of the most popular US national park list:

RV Camping chart list in US National Park

By using these charts, we are sure that you can avoid the crowds such as visiting Joshua Tree National Park.

How To Stay Safe When Visiting US National Park

1. Don’t step off the trails

The easiest way to stay safe is to stay on the trails. We are sure that all national parks in the US, including the popular parks for RV camping do their best. They have a good solution to handle their resources so they create and maintain the trails for public. So, it means if you are stepping off the trails, it is not safe at all. Some possible cases are slippery slopes, deep canyons and crumbling cliffs.

2. US National Park and The Animals There

We think that US national parks map including, especially Yosemite, you will find black bears, and the park is at least 50 yards. If you go to Yellowstone, the guideline tells you to stay about 100 yards away from black bears, wolves, and grizzly bears. Also, Yellowstone has the rule to all visitors so they must stay away at least 25 yards from elk and bison. If you think that it is impossible to run or to climb a tree, it is better to read their park guidelines. It is the best way to find valuable information. In fact, some bears are great on climbing trees.

The most important is when you see a mama bear with her cubs or elk with her calf, we strongly recommend you not to come closer. It is because all animal moms are more dangerous especially if they think that you are a threat that can harm their young. Here is the safety guideline all campers must know.

3. Know How To Pack Up Your Food

Animals may come to your RV camping site because you leave the food around it. Therefore, it is better to always read the information about the US National Park you are about to visit. So, you know all wildlife in that area.

4. Stopping In The Middle Of  The Road Is Not Good

It is amazing when you are driving and you see a bear. Therefore, you decide to take a picture but stopping in the middle of the road is not safe at all. It can cause accidents, injury, and even death. However, if you see a bear or bison is crossing the road, it is important to stop. They have their right to use the way.

Here, we have a nice video to provide you more tips for RV camping in national park:


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