RV Tips and Hacks – How To Use Solar To Power Your RV

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RV tips and hacks can help you find more information you never imagined. If you want to switch over to solar power, or perhaps you want to learn more about solar power for RV, this is an interesting article to read. Can you imagine that you run your RV appliances easily with nothing but just the sun’s rays?

It does not matter if you are not ready yet to make a big upgrade to solar panels, but you can upgrade your RV generator to help the noise factor. For example, you can have a digital hybrid portable generator for your RV with 3500-watt of its capacity. Also, you can set up to power your 30-amp rig. This is a nice technology that will help it run with less ruckus.

In the long run, solar is the best option for serious boondockers. It is quieter, and of course, it is good for Mother Earth. Although you need to spend a lot of money to set it up in the first place, it is the real solution on how to save fuel.

RV and Solar Power System Tips and Hacks

RV and Solar Power System Tips and Hacks

So, it is possible to use solar on your RV, but you will need a solar panel and little things more. It is more than just to strap panels on the rig, and you can plug in your blender immediately. At first, you may say that RV solar is a little bit complicated but there should be no worry. In this post, we mention every component you need to start using solar power for your RV.

Solar Power Kit

This is the most obvious piece. You have to invest in some solar panels so you can run any appliances on solar power in your RV. You need to mount the panels on the roof or alongside the rig. How many panels you will need? Well, it depends on how much power you have to get. You can buy a 100-watt solar panel by spending $100.

The solar panels work to convert the sun’s energy into power. The wires are the channel that will link panels together and then take the power down to the RV. Surely, there are some pit stops you need.

A solar charge controller is required. This device will take the power from the panels and send it to your RV battery. It also controls the amount of power for the batteries to get so it will prevent overcharging. This is important so the power will not damage the battery system

Portable Solar Panels

It is important to know that the power stored in the battery system is in the DC version. You will need a kind of plug so, you will need an inverter. It is able to transform energy into AC power.

Off Grid Solar Panel Tips and Hacks

Although you have to invest a significant amount of the equipment up-front, it is great to have. It also means that you have to find the right spots for sunny camping. So, before you are about investing your money on these items, make sure that each piece can go together with other components. It is great if you can buy them at once, but it is still important to double-check, just to make sure that everything will work together.

Solar power is what you need to make sure that you can enjoy RV camping quietly, eco-friendly, and cost-effective. It is the real option finally if you want to enjoy cheap RV living.

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