RV Camping Yellowstone: A Complete Guide For Beginners

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RV camping Yellowstone provides 12 campgrounds and more than 2,000 campsites. The campgrounds are available for RV camping experience. Of course, there are size limitations. There are five campgrounds to help you with the reservations. Other is for first-come, first-serve. Also, the camp is great to enjoy with a permit. RV Camping in Yellowstone is what you need to enjoy the view of the backcountry. Here are all things you should know.

RV Camping Yellowstone Montana

RV Camping Yellowstone – Things To Do

This offers many attractions and activities to do as below:

  • Natural wonders like a wildlife center, a historic site, mine for gems, fossils, and museum
  • Geological Wonderland for geysers and hot springs
  • Special events like powwows, rodeos, and festivals
  • Snowmobiling, hiking, horseback, backcountry, bus, and van tours
  • Visit neighboring national parks
  • Horseback riding, hiking, bicycling, water activities
  • Enjoying wildlife like wolves, grizzly bear, and bison
  • Winter activities

RV Camping Yellowstone National Park for Beginners

Is it your first time visiting this site? Here are all about RV camping tips for Beginners you should read. Also, Don’t go to Yellowstone before reading the important things below:

1. Don’t Take This Route

RV camping in Yellowstone means you are about driving on the long, narrow mountainous roads you may worry about your back. Therefore, you should take your time and do a little research to find the right route to or from Yellowstone National Park. You don’t want to drive stress fully, dealing with the steep grades and hairpin turns.

We suggest you not to take the Bighorn Mountains east of Cody, Wyoming even though it is the closest town to the East entrance of the park. Additionally, you should not take Beartooth Highway that connects Red Lodge, Montana to the Northeast entrance of the park. This road makes you almost unable to navigate your RV for RV camping Yellowstone national park.

2. Pay Attention to the RV Size

Making your reservation in this site means that you should now the length of your truck along with the length of the trailer when it is fully open. Sites support a maximum length of 40 feet. Most campsites in this park will not support oversize units. So, if you are planning for visiting this national park with any equipment that does not match to your reservation specification, the staff will not allow you to get in.

3. The RV Campgrounds in Yellowstone Park

There are five campgrounds in the park that require reservations like Bridge Bay, Canyon, Fishing Ridge RV, Madison, and Grant. You can learn more about the campground at their official site: www.yellowstonenationalparklodges.com/lodging/camping/

If you have your camp at the north of Yellowstone Lake, be aware with bears.

4. Leveling

Bridge Bay, Grant Village, Canyon, and Madison campgrounds provide dumping stations which either pull-through or back-in with the limited widths for slide-outs. Mammoth is their park campground that will open all year round to support up to 75-feet long with no hook-ups. Also, you can read more about Mammoth Lakes.

5. Best Entrances to Park Your RV

Take North or West Entrances as the quickest access that will bring you to the iconic park attractions like Old Faithful and Mammoth Hot Springs with least driving or hill climbing. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the incredible sights. Also, you can read more about Mammoth

RV Camping Yellowstone Wildlife

6. Alternative Gateways

The South Entrance is available to take. It means you have to drive two miles to the Headwaters Campground. There, you will find an RV camping Yellowstone national park with hook ups, a dump station, and pull-through sites. It is also not far from Grand Teton National Park.

Also, you can find Soda Buttle Campground close to the Northeast Entrance with 20 RV spaces. It means 1 mile from Cooke City and no hookups. If you are at the East Entrance, you can head to Green Creek Inn and RV Park. To go there, you have to drive about 29 miles. Green Creek provides pull-through and back-in sites, electricity, sewer, and water.

7. Food and Bears

Bears have strong sense of smell. That is why you should avoid them when you are RV camping in Yellowstone. To do so, store all your food items from forks. You will need food storage box, too. Here is more information about your RV camping safety.

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