RV Camping With Cat – When She Is Too Cute To Be Left

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RV Camping with cat, does it come to your mind? We are pretty sure you have no heart at all to leave your furry family and let them never for RV cat camping. If your cat is outdoor, it is a must to bring her. But if she is a cushy indoor cat, it does not mean she cannot join your RV camping journey. So, you just have to start with a little preparation.

How To Bring Your Cat RVing with You

Before starting any adventure outside, your focus is on how to give the best comfort for your feline. For example, you should provide some crannies and nooks with soft bedding. This is going to be the best place for your cats to snuggle up in. They love tall cabinets for cozy areas, provide little hideaways for them to keep them safe. Do this because your RV is in motion. When you will RVing in summer don’t forget to know how to keep your RV cool in summer.

Second, you should provide a good permanent spot for her litter box. Do this when you are setting things up before living in a RV with cats. You do not want any accidents to exist when she could not find the potty. The tub area can be a decent place. So, what you should do is to block the drain. This way can help to avoid the loose litter clogging the plumbing.

RV Camping with cat

Third, don’t make a sudden motion if you don’t want to make a great shock for her. What we mean here are you can start living in the RV with your furry family at least a month before the real RV Camping with cat comes true. Do this before you are hitting the road with your cat. This is a good solution to your cat is getting used to living there for a new space.

Other than that, you need to support your cat with some products, especially if you are a seasoned camper. You can use the products to calm your cat due to the moving homes. Besides, it is better to have non-pharmaceutical stress remedies, synthetic pheromones, or natural oils. You can spray around your RV to create a calming atmosphere.

Next, this is the most effective way on how to keep your cats happy. The key point is to keep a routine anytime and anywhere it is possible. You should maintain her sleep, her feeding time, and her playing time routinely likes a schedule. Cats just like humans. They need entertainment and they need more sessions to stimulate bonding like rotating new toys. Well, it is all about RV Camping with cat. It sounds interesting if you go RV Camping with your cat and exploring the 10 Most Favorite RV Camping US National Parks.

More Things About RV Camping with Cat

When you do RV camping with cats, make sure you pay attention to the following things:

  • Secure her every time before moving slides in and out. This is important to prevent any tragic accidents.
  • Always bring her to your vet for comprehensive health records.
  • Traveling is thirsty and tired. Be sure to keep a water bowl available to your cat.

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