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Whether you want to rent an RV for your next journey or buy RV to enjoy full RV-living, it is all about finding the right RV type and RV model names. There are many options available with different models and names. Therefore, once you know how to differentiate them, it is easier to choose the best that meets your needs.

All Types of RV You Should Know

All Types of RV You Should Know

Class A For the Luxury RV

This RV model is motorhomes, like buses. They are about luxury RV because you can enjoy the fanciest features. It is the perfect choice if you want to explore the road with no hitching. It is also a great choice if you want to enjoy lots of features and easy to setup. You will also love the safety just like a bus. If you don’t mind with the priciest option here, it is a good one to enjoy. But, this is not yours if you want to buy a cheap RV type.

Model Class B, For The Fans of Van

If you cannot afford Class A RV, then the ideal type of RV is class B. This is the smaller motorhome options and it is like a van. Campervan loves going with this vehicle. Best of all, van can last for decades if you know how to do a proper RV maintenance.

This type of RV is the ideal choice for couple and solo travelers. Few models even can support three to four campers. Also, this is one of the RV model names that are easy to drive. You can park it easily, even easier than others.

It is good to know that B RV class is available in all price options. It is the budget-friendly solution if you don’t mind to buy used RV model.

Class C RV, Model Names For Families

This type of motorhome is a medium-sized rig just like a moving truck. It is iconic for its cab-over bed. There is also an entertainment center so the living space is just out over the chassis.

Well, it is a little bit cheaper than the Class A RV type but it is convenient when it hits the road. Unfortunately, the motorhomes are not as strong as the counterparts of class A. Sometimes, it can be overloaded. This is the right RV model names for those who want to enjoy camping with families because the price is affordable.

Travel Trailers RV Names, Available in Many Options

There are many types of travel trailers and we would like to explain it below:

Pop-up Campers: This is a perfect choice if you want to enjoy your weekend with this lightweight trailer. It can pop up and it is smaller than other travel trailers. It does not include a bathroom. Unfortunately, it is harder to heat and cool but it is the affordable choice to start RV experience for the first time.

Bumper Pull Trailer: You can go with this because it is available in many sizes and shapes. There are hybrids which mean there are beds that can pop out to create additional living space with little weight toad. Also, others come with toy haulers with open and large garage spaces.

You can go with small bumper pull trailer if you always do solo campers or RV camping with couples. Many large trailers can support families, thanks to the bunkhouses included. If you have a strong truck to tow, it is good to have bumper pull trailer.

Fifth Wheel Trailers: It is a little bit similar to bumper pull trailers because it is available in many sizes and types. You can use toy hauler fifth wheels with tiny house type or enormous fifth wheels if you need more space for your RV living.

Generally, fifth wheels offer better quality than other bumper pull trailer. They offer high ceilings so they feel great like a home. In addition, fifth wheel trailer pulls better compared to a bumper pull. It is because you can hitch the trailer in the truck bed, not at the bumper of your truck.

However, the fifth wheel trailers are heavier compared to bumper pulls. If you want to buy a fifth wheel, it means you should have a large truck to support.

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