11 Smart RV Kitchen Storage Ideas To Try Today You Never Imagined

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RV kitchen storage ideas offer the smart ways on how to maximize your RV space, especially the kitchen area. Well, it is amazing if you can go whenever you want without thinking of your home too much, that is the power of RV living. The fact is that you can go anywhere and you still can cook, shower, and sleep. So, what can you do when you have a limited space in your RV kitchen?

RV Storage Ideas for Small Kitchen

RV Storage Ideas for Small Kitchen

Living with tiny RV kitchen is challenging. The space is limited that you have to find enough space for preparing your food. It needs more than your creativity. Even you cannot do everything quickly. In another word, you should cook one meal and go for the next meal. Doing this cooking task one by one is not efficient, for sure.

Here are the ideal RV storage ideas to help you:

Consider the right floor plan – So, before buying your rig, it is good to go around for shopping. Make sure that you are checking all available small kitchen floor plans. Also, go for one that is perfect for you. This is important so you don’t have to deal with any kitchen remodel for your RV.

If it is all about the kitchen floor plan in your RV, then there are some points to consider below:

  • Go for open floor plans are what you need.
  • Make sure the counter space is useable. You can try islands for your RV kitchen.
  • Open all cabinets before you buy to get the feel, including the drawers.
  • Try to stand in front of the stove and sink. Do you think that they have ideal height? Do they feel enough big?
  • Open microwave and oven. Do you get your taste?

Do You Really Need RV Dishwasher In Your Kitchen?

Dishwasher can be space-consuming. It is because this one takes up counter space and adds weight. Other than that, it uses electricity and water that really depends on your camping destination.

On the other hands, RV dishwasher helps you remove dirty dishes from the sink and the countertops. It also helps you do dishwashing easily and quickly. So, what you should do?

What we recommend to you is to build a special stand. You are going to use it for your RV dishwasher. This is good so you don’t have to take the counter space.

Dealing With the Small Pantry Cabinet in Your RV

Dealing With the Small Pantry Cabinet in Your RV

Well, you are living in your tiny home-on-wheels. You should maximize the available space there. So, if this is your problem, you can try the following tips:

  • Do you live with many canned goods? You can keep things neat by using a can holder.
  • Use dish shelves to stack your dishes up vertically.
  • You can use deep cabinets together with drawers or Lazy Susan so you can reach the back of your cabinet.
  • Use stackable and matching containers. This is great to store your dry goods in the RV pantry.
  • Make a DIY cutting board to complete your sink. And then, use it to give you extra counter space.
  • Use a bookshelf for your RV storage ideas. You can hang it on the walls to store anything.
  • Make sure that you have magnetic knife strip and mount it inside a cabinet. This is good to keep knives away from your kids.
  • Do you want to store food easily? You can try storing food like these.
  • Create fold-down counter extension in the end of your counter to give additional surface space.


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