7 RV Camping Tips for Beginners First Enjoyable Journey

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RV camping tips for beginners is all about becoming a tent camper and then graduate to RVs. You can use some simple tips so you can transform as a professional camper with your tent to a recreational vehicle. Here, we provide you the complete tips in the form of a checklist. Make sure that you have planned everything carefully and solidly by using the RV camping checklist below. We hope this checklist can help you pack everything about your needs for your first trip.

1. RV Drive

Why should you practice for an RV drive? RV drive means that you are going to drive a big vehicle and this can be a challenging test for families who are beginners in RVing. Also, it is important to educate kids and pets about the journey so you, as the driver is able to focus on the roads and tracks.

For this reason, it is important to practice your driving capability in wide open spaces. You have to pay attention to some things like height clearances, low-hanging branches, and others that above your path. What we are trying to tell you is that it is great to take some driving course first. This is important so you can drive before you hit the road. Additionally, make sure that you have secured your personal items to avoid any shifting while driving your tow vehicle.

2. Important RV Tools You Should Bring

You are about traveling and RVing so you need some basics and important RV tools. Make a wise plan that you will not become a portable auto parts store. Keep in mind that the further away you go from services, the more self-reliant you need.  Here is the list of important tools for your RV camping tips for beginners you should not forget for your first journey RVing. But please bring only what you need:
  • Toothbrush holders – Keep your toothbrushes clean and secure for your first travel.
  • Fridge braces – It makes you keep your food items from sliding so it will not spill during any movement.
  • Cupboard and refrigerator bars – These items work to keep your kitchen dishes and cookware will not shift during travel.
  • T-handle style lug wrenches to give you better leverage.
  • Heavy gauge jumper cables to carry more amps
  • Digital tire gauges to read the tire pressure.

Make sure that you have to check the gas gauge. Check the fuel burn because it depends on the terrain. You need to pay attention to the fuel stop options.

  • T levels to check your RV is level from side to side and from front to back.
  • Leveling Blocks to level your RV
  • Wheel Chocks to keep your RV from rolling while parking.
  • Adjustable kitchen drawer dividers to organize your utensils.
  • Over door organizer with pockets to store everything easily.
  • Under the bed, organizer to remove clutter look.

3. Dry Run Camping

It is important to test your process, packing and even patience to fail at your home. You will never deal with any failures if you pack and then test your equipment while camping out in the driveway. Once you have packed and operated your RV properly, now you can take the first road trip easily. Keep in mind that you also need to secure your RV so it will not roll while parking and leveling it.

4. RV Camping Tips for Beginners

RVs can be done in all sizes from little trailers to diesel motorhomes. Whatever your option, never think that you always have new storage spaces and then you fill it with everything you think you need. Therefore, it is better to avoid any temptation to buy each ofthe RV accessories at the very first beginning. Again, you should pack the things you need to make everything well organized.

5. How To Travel Without Water

There is a big reason why you do not need to pack water. Packing is all about food, clothing, drinks and camping gear, but packing water is not what you should do. To us, RV camping tips for beginners when we are packing water is that water is heavy. Transporting too much water is not what you need. It is all about bringing a small amount of water for some situations. If the camp spot offers full hookups, then water is available once you connect to your hookups. Otherwise, you need to go to the fill-up station and fill your fresh water tank. Commonly, this station is at the campground entrance.

6. RV Load Limits

If you just own your first RV vehicle, it is important to know that you cannot push it to bring a lot of weight. Remember that your vehicle has load limits for your safety.

7. Camping Spot Reservation

Advanced camping spot reservation is what you must do as soon as possible. Make sure you know all the details when you do reservation by asking when the check-in is and check-out time, and other things about the campground.

Those are all you should know about RV camping tips for beginners. Also, read about Things to Know Before Buying RV.

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