Quick RV Camping Tips For Safety: Read Before Everything Is Too Late

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RV camping tips are important because it is about going outside, finding a new place, exploring a new site, and you are a newcomer, not the one who knows well about the site. You are far away from your home, the safest place in the world. Therefore, some regulations are important just to make sure everything is safe for you. If this is your first time to do RV camping, we have some pretty cool things to hear. Take five minutes to read this and you will find this article helps you.

The Safety Tips On Avoiding The Bears

Camping Tips On Avoiding The Bears

Many RV campers experienced bad things. For example, some moments ago, a wolf attacked a family in Banff National Park. Or, perhaps you have seen the harrowing video showed bison attacks at the Yellowstone National Park in 2018. Even few days ago, Woman killed in rare animal, Black Bear in Canada. The point is don’t let your outdoor time becomes a nightmare because of animal attack, bears especially.

Bears can be so aggressive because of seeing dogs. When dogs are running, trying to find protection from their owners, this can be dangerous for the owner itself as the bears are getting closer to them. Therefore, if you are RV camping in bear sites, make sure you follow all regulations.

Additionally, bears go around to protect their young or to fill up on snacks. Therefore, you should avoid these animals by storing your food properly. For example, you should lock up all food and garbage. Use cooler to pack your food and put everything in your containers. Don’t let the bears smell your trash, your food, or others.

Some Matches and Pack Safely

RV camping needs some matches, so make sure you add this as your RV camping safety tips. People sometimes buy matches in bulk but they really ignore how to pack them safely, why? Packing properly is important to avoid friction. You don’t want to accidentally light a fire when you are traveling and packing matches. For this reason, you should store them in containers made of safe materials that will not retain excess heat.

RV Camping Safety Tips: Pool Noodles

Pool noodles are what you need for any camping style. It is important to have because pool noodles offer variety of uses. It is more than just to keep you afloat at the beach, but it can keep you safe and snug on land, too. The hack is cut a slit in the noodle so you can slide it over the canopy rail. This is important to prevent any injury, especially if you do RV camping with kids.

Make The Trip More Comfortable

How to make your RV camping is more comfortable than ever? Well, we say that you are so lucky if you go with your master bedroom in your RV. But, you can do something more to make it more comfortable. For example, you can go to camping stores and find a few foam sleeping pads. After that, place the pads underneath the older RV mattress so you can sleep softer. Otherwise, you can go at the Dollar store to find playroom foam pads. Sleeping more comfortable is what you need for your RV.

Flashlights Are Best Friend

Again, you are going outside and whether you have been spending many days to learn about the place where you are about to do RV camping, still you do not know when you are going to need flashlights. Therefore, it is better to keep a flashlight near your bed also a flashlight outside your RV and keep it in one of your compartments. Additionally, it is good to keep a flashlight in the central location you can access easily. Keep the batteries full are important, too. You don’t want to go scrambling just to find some light, right?


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