10 RV Camping List of Gear Beginners Must Know

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RV camping list of gear is what you should know first when you are about enjoying RV camping for the first time in the next few days. Well, you are about leaving your house to enjoy the outdoor space. Make your trip is comfortable by having a well-made list of RV essentials. Here we have collected the list for you.

Water Hose With Pressure Regulator

It is what you need to run water in your RV. It gives you water once you connected it to the city water. Otherwise, you can fill it up with freshwater holding tank. For sure, you need a hose so you can get the water from the ground system. Also, you need a pressure regulator so the flow will not harm the sensitive system in your RV. Make sure you are choosing the right hose.

Water Hose With Pressure Regulator, RV Camping List of Gear

RV Camping List of Gear, Sewer Hose

You are migrating the content of the wastewater holding tanks from the rig to the sewer dump station you have. To do this, you need an RV sewer hose. This gear is affordable that is less than $40.

Leveling Blocks, Stabilizers, and Chocks

It is more than just to make a more pleasant living inside, but it is also important to make sure that the features in your RV works perfectly, such as refrigerator. It is good to have chocks for your wheels before considering disconnecting it. It is important if you don’t want to let your RV rolls away from you.

Leveling Blocks, Stabilizers, and Chocks

Basic Tools For Home And Automotive

You don’t know when you need a quick tire change when you are on the roadside. By keeping the right tools in your RV can help you to handle your job.

RV Camping List of Tools, Emergency Kit

Well, this is important for all RV campers to bring an emergency kit. Also, you should bring other basic kits such as thermal blankets, emergency traffic triangles, and first aid. Make sure that you bring water purifying tablets, too. Well, it sounds too much but you don’t know when you need them. It is amazing if you are in emergency and you have these helpful kits near you. It is also good to learn about how to pack the emergency kit properly.

Emergency Kit

Sun Protection

If you go to cloudy area such as Pacific Northwest, we are sure that you will say the sun has really powerful rays. Surely, it can damage your eyeballs and skin. Therefore, it is good to pack sunscreen, bring UV-protective sunglasses, too.

Sun Protection, List of RV Camping Essentials

Music and Podcasts

It is great to drive down the road and enjoy the wide-open highway with your favorite music. It is a must to have pre-downloaded playlists or burned CDs to complete your RV camping journey. Having podcast  helps you a lot to enjoy your RV period.

RV Camping Checklist, Snacks

What kind of snacks or foods best to bring along the road? Well, make sure that the snacks are easy to store. There are many options available such as fresh fruit, quality jerkies, low-sodium nuts, and veggies.

Alternatively, you can make meals at home and then bring the meals along so you can cut your RV camping budget. For example, you can have a peanut butter, jelly sandwich, and a mason jar salad to complete you. Best of all, make sure you have a functional kitchen in your RV.

Road And Snacks, RV Camping List

Road Games

RV camping with games along the trip can keep all engaged. You can buy road games to play. Make sure that you go with games that offer an active imagination. For example, you can try for play board tic-tac-toe, memory-based games, and others. Even better, it is good to make a list of best games for RV camping. This is also important if you try for RV camping with kids so they can remove their boredoom.

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