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RV Camping Kings Canyon, why should choose this national park? Well, this national park is in America that will bring you to the southern Sierra Nevada, Fresno, Tulare Counties, California. The government announced it as the General Grant National Park in 1890. Then, they have expanded and renamed the park to Kings Canyon National Park in 1950. For its name, it is because the area has a rugged glacier-carved valley with the depth for up to a mile. Other natural phenomena here are the multiple peaks, swift-flowing rivers, high-mountain meadows, and the largest trees in the world, giant sequoia trees. It is not far from Sequoia National Park. Since these national parks are like neighbor to each other, then the government administered the service as the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.

Other features in this national park are Kings River for its wilderness, Grant Grove, the home for the second largest tree in the world, and Cedar Grove in the heart of Kings Canyon. Also, Kings Canyon National Park is on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada. So, there are many national forests surround Kings Canyon such as Sierra National Forest, Inyo National Forest, and Sequoia National Forest. Even better, go to the west and there is a boundary with the Sequoia National Park which is the Kings, Kaweah, and Kern River. If you want to do RV camping here, we provide you the list.

RV Camping Kings Canyon at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

To do the reservation, for the campgrounds in 2019 is available by online. You can go here to enjoy group camping and mingle with a crowd. The group sites can support you from 7 to 50 people with extra parking, amenities, and picnic table. RV Camping Kings Canyon is great because they offer 14 campgrounds. Three are available for all-year round. Most campgrounds are on first-come, first served with more than six people to allow per standard site. Besides, each campsite comes with a picnic table, grille, fire ring, and metal food-storage box.

RV Camping Here Means Check Your Vehicle-Length Limit

RV Camping Here Means Check Your Vehicle-Length Limit

If you want to go there for RV camping, make sure that you have checked the vehicle-length limits on the park roads. Otherwise, longer vehicle that you want to drive to Sequoia Groves means you need to use the northern park entrance that is in Kings Canyon National Park highway 180. In the parks, there are no RV hookups. They provide generator only from 9 am to 9 pm. So if you stay at Lodgepole and Dorst Creek, they can support you from 8 am to 11 am and 5 pm to 8 pm. Also, you can find dump stations at Potwisha, Lodgepole, and Dorst Creek sites. If you are in Grant Grove or Cedar Grove, you will not find any dump stations. But, if you are at Princess Campground you can find it. This campground is not far from Hume Lake, near the Sequoia National Forest, but only for summer RV camping.

In Sequoia National Park, you can do RV camping in Lodgepole or Giant Forest Area that is Lodgepole Campground and Dorst Creek Campground. Go to the foothills area of Sequoia National Park, you can enjoy RV camping in Potwisha Campground. Other than that, you can stay in Azalea Campground, Sunset Campground, Crystal Springs Campground,  Sentinel Campground, and many more.

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Those are all things you should know about RV Camping Kings Canyon. You can read more about RV camping three rivers too.

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