15 RV Camping Jacksonville FL For Best Gateways From The World

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RV Camping Jacksonville FL provides you many local attractions near Jacksonville, FL below:

  • Cummer Museum of Arts and Gardens
  • Amelia Island
  • Ritz Theatre & LaVilla Museum
  • Jacksonville Zoo Gardens
  • Hanna Park
  • Museum of Science and History
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville
  • Tree Hill Nature Walk
  • Jacksonville Beach, and others

Do you love beach or ocean? There are some RV camping sites near beach as you can find in Oceanside California RV Camping. So, if you want to go for RV camping in Jacksonville, FL you should visit the list below.

Big Tree RV Park, RV Camping Jacksonville FL

1. Big Tree RV Park, RV Camping Jacksonville FL

This RV Camping Jacksonville is available for daily and weekly. For this camping experience, the rates included for water, electric, and sewer. Also, this RV site is available for 30 amp and 50 amp. Both back-in and pull-through RV sites are available. Here, you will experience the RV camping with unique lots and different vehicles. Most lots are available for two vehicles.

Besides, other amenities are available such as Wi-Fi (not for streaming), on-leash pets are fine, and dogs with some requirements are okay to stay.

For more information:

5221 Dunn Avenue

Jacksonville, FL 32218

TEL: 904-768-7270

Flamingo Lake RV Resort

2. Flamingo Lake RV Resort

If you live in North Florida or Southern Georgia, we recommend Flamingo Lake RV Resort to visit. The resort has full hookups, cabins, and yurts. Also, you can do many activities like boating, swimming, and others. It is amazing that the resort has up to 250 hookups sites especially if you love luxurious RV camping. Otherwise, you can try yurts or cabins for primitive camping experience.

Besides, there are many amenities to offer like cable, bathrooms, Wi-Fi, and a comfortable bed in each room. Other than that, you can enjoy pool, beach, and lake. Kids have their swimming pool, with the various activities to do.

For more information

3640 Newcomb Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32218
Contact: 1 904-766-0672

Jacksonville RV Park Navy Getaways Military Park

3. Jacksonville RV Park Navy Getaways Military Park

Navy Getaways can be your next choice if it is all about relaxing RV camping that is full of fun and adventure. Also, it is a good choice if you need a family RV camping spot. Even if you want to make a class reunion, a weekend gateway or a retirement, you should go to this RV park.

There are many benefits for the main reason why you should go there, such as the fitness centers, food and beverage facilities, bowling, and discount tickets. Surely, it is the ideal place to recharge your body and mind, while playing and relaxing with your group. Additionally, you can do many things like swimming, hiking, or unwinding. The RV park is available with BBQ areas, kid’s play areas, bathhouses, laundry, game rooms, community centers, and even a pool.

For more information:

Birmingham Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32212
Telepon: 904-542-5898

RV Camping Jacksonville, FL: Riverfront RV Park &Marina

4. RV Camping Jacksonville, FL: Riverfront RV Park & Marina

Located on the northeast Florida, this RV community is the best place where St. Johns River and the Sister Creek located. It only takes a few short minutes to find this RV park, not far from the Atlantic Ocean and beaces. So, we can say that this RV park is where you should go today. Even better, Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserver, St. John Aquatic Preserve and the wildlife surrounded this RV Park. So, if you want to enjoy the unique history, the beautiful view, and everything in this land, you should go there.

For more information:

(904) 251-3191


(904) 834-3715


8364 Heckscher Drive

Jacksonville, FL 32226

RV Camping Jacksonville FL: Pecan Park RV Resort

5. RV Camping Jacksonville FL: Pecan Park RV Resort

RV Camping Jacksonville FL for the next choice is Pecan Park RV Resort. The views are stunning for guests with beautiful weather and fresh atmosphere. You can see the fishing lake with the fenced-in swimming pool. Also, you can do something fun like horseshoeing. The location is so ideal close to Jacksonville International Airport. The florida tourist attractions are great for entertainment, dining, and shopping as well. You can spend your time to tour at the Museum of Science and History, or try the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens. Some beautiful Florida beaches are great to visit, too.

For the amenities, here are the things you will get:

20 amp/ 30 amp/ 50 amp, paved sites, full hookups, pull-thru sites, picnic table, clubhouse, swimming pool, lake access, Wi-Fi, restroom and shower facilities, cable TV, laundry facilities, on-site storage, LP gas, pet-friendly spot

Other than that, you can do the following activities:

Swimming, fishing, horseshoeing, and others

For more information:

650 Pecan Park Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32218

Contact: 904-751-6770

Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park

6. Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park

In this park, you can do tent camping, RV camping, and coy cabins. You should stay here for at least 2 days. There is a sandy beach with 1.5 miles of multiple access points. Even more, there is premier surfing spot you can enjoy, The Poles. If you want to have a family reunion, or corporate outing, you can go to the oceanfront location, the Dolphin Plaza.

Additionally, you can find biking and hiking trails for more than 20 miles that is ideal if you are mountain bikers. The lake has 60 acres that is perfect for kayaking, fishing, canoeing, and pedal boating. Also, there are other amenities like reunions, picnic areas, facilities for retreats and cookouts.

For more information:

500 Wonderwood Drive, Jacksonville – 32233

(904) 249-4700 or hannapark@coj.net

RV Camping Jacksonville FL: Pelican Roost RV Park

7. RV Camping Jacksonville FL: Pelican Roost RV Park

Book a month before your arrival is what you should do. Once you booked, the staff will assign the site randomly. You can enjoy the waterfront, the front row of this RV sites. Also, there are many amenities available such as Wi-Fi, phone lines, LAN connections, and on-leash pets. Besides, there are showers, dump, sewer, laundry, tent area, diesel, gas, exchange, fitness center, and many more.

You can do many things here like bowling, playing tennis, going to auto shop, enjoying archery, and fishing. Besides, you can even enjoy walking near the beach.

For more information:

Bon Hommes Richard St, Jacksonville, FL 32228


RV Camping Jacksonville, FL: Fleetwood RV Park

8. RV Camping Jacksonville FL: Fleetwood RV Park

Need a quiet area for your RV camping experience? Why do not try to visit this park? Located in Jacksonville, you can find this park area in the heart of the wide-spread city. Also, it only about a few minutes to find popular locations like Downtown Jacksonville, Riverside Market, Shopping Centers, and others.

Besides, there are some amenities below:

Back in and pull through sites, private parking space, 30 and 50 amp hookups, water, sewer, laundry room, restroom and shower, community Wi-Fi, private patio, dog-friendly RVpark, club house, mail servie, and dump station

For more information:

5001 Philips Hwy, Jacksonville, FL 32207

Contact: 904-737-4733

Sunny Oaks RV Park, RV Camping Jacksonville FL

9. Sunny Oaks RV Park, RV Camping Jacksonville FL

Take this as your next choice if you want RV camping Jacksonville FL. This is an RV park for family, located in Jacksonville. The area is so quiet with shady woods. Anyway, RV camping near woody area is great like you can find when you choose Redwoods for RV camping. Also, it offers you a nice concept of big city and southern comfort. There are some popular attractions like Downtown Jacksonville, shopping centers, and, beaches.

Besides, there are some amenities such as:

30/50 amp sites, Wi-Fi, natural setting, laundry room, mail service, special events, dog friendly, playground for kids, picnic area and BBQ, and private lots

For more information:

12157 Heckscher Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32226
Call: 904-251-2320

Osprey Cove RV Park

10. Osprey Cove RV Park

This RV site will never make you disappointed. It offers a nice place for even up to 180 maximum of RV length. The park also has a scenic view to enjoy both tent and RV camping. Also, there are 47 full-service sites for 50 amp.

Besides, there are some amenities available below:

Sewer, water, electric 50 amp, kitchen, laundry, TV, book or video swap library, restrooms, shower facilities, and Wi-Fi

For more information:

Tarawa Cir, Jacksonville, FL 32227
Call: 904-270-7808

Little Talbot Island State Park

11. Little Talbot Island State Park

In Northeast Florida, you can find barrier islands that are not developed yet. It offers you up to five miles of pristine beaches. Also, there are three miles of trails for biking. The untouched beauty in this area is great to explore. The white sand and the coasts are so fantastic.

Besides, you can do many activities below:

Bicycling, fishing, picnicking, swimming, weddings, birding, hiking, shelling, tours, camping, paddling, surfing, and walking or running

Also, you can find some interesting amenities below:

Beach, accessible amenities, campgrounds, mountain bike trail, RV, water fountain, picnic pavilion, canoe kayak lunch, parking, shower station, playground, pets, interpretive exhibit, campfire circles, restroom facilities, and visitor center

For more information:

12157 Heckscher Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32226

Call: 904-251-2320

Creekside Community Mobile Home and RV Park

12. Creekside Community Mobile Home and RV Park

In the heart of Jacksonville, this peaceful and affordable RV park is ready to complete you. It is not far from finding a great place for shopping, finding transportation, entertainment and dining. This park is great for mobile homes with on-site leasing services, maintenance support, and others. Also, it does not a problem if you consider bringing your own mobile home or RV that you can still use their space to enjoy the view in Creekside Community. This is the ideal living area for military members, families, students, and even individuals who need affordable, safe, and convenient space in Jacksonville.

For more information:

1700 Leon Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32246

Cary State Forest

13. Cary State Forest

You will enjoy living in this forest so that it is the ideal choice for your RV camping Jacksonville FL. The area is full of pine flatwoods, nestled in the area between St. Mary’s Rise and the Atlantic Ocean. There are 11 natural communities in this forest, from the flatwoods, sandhills, to cypress domes. Also, there are wildlife species to find like white-tailed deer, bobcat, alligator, and others.

Besides, there are many activities to do below:

Hiking, camping, wildlife viewing, horseback riding, hunting, and environmental education, bicycling, and others

For more information:

Florida Capitol — Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0800

Questions? 1-800-HELP-FLA (1-800-435-7352)

Huguenot Memorial Park

14. Huguenot Memorial Park

This park is available for RV campers, tent campers, and even for pet camping. Also, this park provides 10% discounts if you are senior citizens age 62, active military, and over-camping. It does not a problem if you do not want to do RV camping here, because it is also available for wedding or group event. Near the location, there is a place for bird observation. The goal is to provide a critical wildlife area especially for shorebirds and terns to nest. Besides, you can explore plants or animals along the beach. Additionally, you can do more things like games, books, interactive displays, and others.

For more information:

10980 Heckscher Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32226

(904) 255-4255

Amelia Island State Park, RV Camping Jacksonville FL

15. Amelia Island State Park, RV Camping Jacksonville FL

This island is more than just a hidden gem in Jacksonville, FL but also a home for the wildlife and nesting birds. If you are from Jacksonville or Fernanda Beach, you should go here. This park has 200 acres with the untouched wilderness, beautiful beaches, marshes, and coastal maritime forests. Also, what you can do here is strolling along the beach, finding shells, sharks teeth, and wildlife viewing. Even better, you can enjoy horseback riding, biking, bicycling, paddling, birding, picnicking, and fishing.

Additionally, this island offers some interesting amenities like parking, accessible amenities, equestrian trail, shower station, and interpretive exhibit.

For more information:

State Road A1A North

Jacksonville FL 32226


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