5 Frugal RV Camping Hacks On How To Save Your Budget

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RV camping hacks are essentials. We do agree that travel helps your life richer. But at the same time, it does not offer the same when it comes to your wallet. In fact, RV camping can be expensive. Therefore, you should take some hacks to consider. For example, you can save up to 50% once you try to join RV’s camping club like Passport America. Do you want to save some more cash? Read this and it saves your money for sure.

1. RV Hacks - Not All Meals Are Restaurants-Made

1. RV Hacks – Not All Meals Are Restaurants-Made

This is one of the easiest RV camping hacks you need. You do not have to enjoy every meal in a restaurants. Otherwise, you will end up with many bills, especially if you are RV camping with your family. In fact, you can have a functional kitchen. Then, support it with an oven and a stove range. Alternatively, you can invest your money for some important kitchen appliances and start cooking while RV-ing.

2. Boondocking

Boondocking or dispersed camping means you are camping with no water, electrical, and sewer hookups. This is the real essence of camping. You will not find any noisy campground, no kids, and even no RV campers with off-leash dogs. Even better, there is no rec room or pool. Everything is about the nature, and you can do something like star gazing. Best of all, you can enjoy RV camping for free, no entrance fee. If you want to start boondocking, you can upgrade your rig and start using solar power. Alternatively, you can try propane and generator repairs.

3. RV Hacks – Follow the Season

It is important to plan your RV vacation accordingly. It is better to go to a destination where the weather is livable. If it is not too hot or cold outside, you will not miss using generator or having electrical hookups. You burn expensive propane. Keep in mind that you can create something like more screen-free quality time with your loved ones because you two are going with no electricity. Do this when the weather is nice enough.

3. RV Hacks - Follow the Season

4. The Club, Please

Major travel clubs include significant annual fee. But, it may surprise you how much money that you can save once you signed up for an RV membership in a club, such as Passport America. Club like this help you save by 50% of your accommodation price for 1900 campgrounds in Mexico and Canada, and that is the first.

Fortunately, the members of this club will receive an online  subscription to RV America magazine for free. You can start finding valuable information like food recipes, product highlights, and others. This magazine helps you become up to date with the latest information of RVing ideas.

RV Camping and Make Money

5. RV Camping and Make Money

You can make it as a seasonal job at National Park. Otherwise, you can trade few hours to get free camping. It is possible to have job while on the road. If you have more capabilities, you can do something like becoming a ski instructor, becoming a barista, and others. Whatever the jobs are, you still enjoy a flexible lifestyle for your travel.

You can make money by trying to find any jobs here, at Workamping website. There, you can find many information about remote jobs. It is a must for you to bring your laptop connected to internet anytime you do RV vacation. There are many freelance jobs available rely on technology. You can be a blogger, YouTuber, or RV campers with your own website and YouTube channel.

Well, we also have more ideas to read when it comes to best ways to save your money while RV camping below:

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