How to Enjoy RV Camping for Free – The Ultimate Guideline

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It is true that RV camping for free is all about saving your money by using free parking. It is all that you need to start your days. Well, RV camping is all about staying in your home-on-wheels. If you can start it for free, then why should you spend a lot of money for that?

Unfortunately, it is not easy to find free places when it comes to parking your RV. It is because many parking lots do not provide big space for the RV out there. In addition, they may not allow you to start overnight parking. It is good for you to know where you should park overnight for free and start your next trip in the next day. Here are some tricks to help.

How to Find Overnight RV Parking for Free

How to Find Overnight RV Parking for Free

Here are the best quick overnight stops people tend to go wit. It is important to note that these places are campground, but it is a free and easy RV parking for your body to have some sleep.

Rest Stops – This is available in states that allow you to get overnight parking in the rest stops. Make sure you check it first.

Walmart – Please ask the manager about your need to stay overnight. It is important to do a bit of shopping while stopping there.

Cracker Barrel – Eat a meal first. After that, ask them they allow you to stay overnight or not.

Cabela’s – Ask the manager first.

Free Places To Start RV Camping for Few Days

If you want to spend a few days, then there are some possible places to try for. Before you are doing this, make sure you complete your RV with good equipment for boondocking. It is because these places do not provide any hooks.

To start, you can use government-owned land for long-term camping for free. The owner of this land is the Bureau of Land Management. Alternatively, you can stand in a land owned by the USDA Forest service for your dry camping. Even better, some of the land provides free campground with the marked sites, fire rings, and picnic tables. What you should do is to get the camping permit. You can contact the local office and ask whether or not you can stay there for 14 days. Otherwise, you can choose any available places by visiting or Campendium.

How To Get Free Parking Include Hookups

Well, it is rare to find free camping options with hookups. If you have a big hope to find this spot, it is better to start searching on If you see there is no result at all, you can get the benefit from a membership with Harvest Host or Boondockers Welcome. Even though you have to pay a small fee per year for the memberships, but you will not pay for the campsites. Occasionally, the sites provide you some hookups.

Things to Consider After Finding Free RV Parking Near Me

So, you find the perfect RV parking spot for free now. For this point, it is important to have these unwritten rules of Free RV camping below:

Ask Permission –It is important to make a permission first when you want to stay overnight at anywhere. It means you have to ask a manager, visit an office, or even do other things to obtain a permit.

Respect – Well, it is all about other campers and the local wildlife. You should turn off generators at the decent hour. Also, keep your site clean and do not even cross over into other’s space. RV camping in outdoor spaces also means that you should respect the local plants and animals. You should never try for campfires in the dry places. Keep in mind that you should not feed animals, which also means putting your trash away. Lastly, it is better not to dump used water onto the ground.

Clean Up – Make sure that the space is clean by leaving no trace. Leaving the space better than the first time you found it is a great work.

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