RV Camping Food Ideas: How To Make Food Storage Space Look Neat

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RV camping food ideas is important because you are living in a tight space. In fact, an inch is so valuable for your RV. Well, it is challenging to make sure that your RV has enough storage space. As a result, you only have a tiny RV kitchen but it does not mean everything is over. You still have the choice to make something different in your RV camping, especially for storing your food.

It is true that you still have many possibilities such as adding more space options for the storage, maximizing your RV fridge, dealing with your RV pantry, and others.

Food Ideas For RV Camping By Using Containers

Food Ideas For RV Camping By Using Containers

You can add storage space for your small area. For example, you can use nooks or crannies you never used before. Here are some best hacks:

Use large containers – Large and flat containers help you store foods. Simply, fill the boxes. After that, place them under your bed or couch to store foods you use less often quickly and easily. This is good if you have no cabinet space.

Hanging Fruit Basket – Store your fruit easily by using hanging fruit basket. It helps you keep your space nice and your fruits look fresh.

Wall Storage – It is the ideal solution to occupy the wall space. You just have to hang a wall storage solution such as adding hooks and baskets to keep all foods and utensils accessible at anytime.

Stackable Food Containers For RV Camping Food Ideas

Stackable Food Containers For RV Camping Food Ideas

You can use stackable food containers to complete your RV fridge or pantry. Here, you will need stackable containers in the same size to store dry goods and leftovers. Therefore, you can use every single inch of space inside your RV fridge.

Use Airtight Containers for RV Food Storage Solution

There are some reasons why you need airtight conditions. First, it can keep your food fresher for longer period. This is important since you are living on the road. Also, airtight containers can keep all pests away. It protects your food from mice and ants. Other than that, airtight containers can reduce the smells. It is important to use because it reduces any stinky odors.

RV Camping Food Hacks for RV Fridge Solutions

If you want to make the space in your fridge fits for everything, you can use some options available to store your food. For example, you can use can holder that will support you keep your canned drinks, goods, and soda cans easily. Lazy Susan is a good addition, especially if you have deep cabinets. It means that you can use the back of your cabinet but still use the cabinet for storing other things. Even better, there are Half-Galon Milk Jugs that will help you save the space in your fridge. Also, you can use this solution to complete the door shelves to store more things. Need more hacks? Here are the best hacks for RV kitchen storage solutions.


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