RV Battery Hookup-How To Choose The Best Battery

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RV battery hookup -RV comes on the market with at least one battery. Motorhome offers two, which is the starter battery and the deep-cycle house battery. Today, we would like to talk about deep-cycle battery so you know the best way to choose the right option. This is an important thing all RV beginners should know.

How Battery Works

How Battery Works

If we talk about RV battery hookup, it means the battery works for the lights, refrigerator, water pump, and other things your RV is not running into shore power. It is a good help if you want to go for RV dry camping. Sadly, the batteries may go out over time especially if you don’t know how to maintain it. Therefore, you need to buy a new battery. In this case, here is what you should consider.

All About Lead-Acid Deep-Cycle RV Battery Hookup

Lead-acid battery is the most option available for RV battery. These are flooded-cell batteries, but there are many lead-acid batteries available. Here are the advantages to know:

Flooded-cell batteries – You should top up these batteries with distilled water regularly. Also, you should clean the terminals time to time. These are important to support its maintenance. Also, these are the cheapest battery available on the market.

Gel batteries – It is different from flooded-cell batteries. You don’t have to top it up. It is because there is a thick gell fill the battery to prevent them to evaporate or spill. Nevertheless, you should still clean the terminals occasionally. This is a good option if you want to get a less maintenance battery but with higher cost than flooded cell batteries.

AGM RV battery – It does not use any liquid so you don’t have to deal with the fillips. You can mount the batteries sideways or other ways when you use it. Therefore, it is the ideal option if you want to use a number of batteries in a small space. It is a best option if you don’t mind to spend  a lot of money because it is the most expensive option.

Why Should You Switch to 6-Volt RV battery Hookup?

Why Should You Switch to 6-Volt RV battery Hookup?

Should you switch your battery for RV? Well, it depends. So, if you love to dry camping a lot, then you need to deal with the amp hours. It is no wonder that most people will switch from a single 12-volt battery to two or more 6-volt batteries. This is a good solution to get more amp hours. Also, 6-volt batteries can deal with a deeper discharge compared to 12-volt counterparts.

Why Should Switch to Lithium RV Battery?

Do you need better alternative? Why don’t you try to use a lithium-ion RV battery? The batteries are the new option on the market. It is the ideal choice for RV campers with the high demand on battery.

Best of all, lithium RV battery hookup is free to maintenance while providing a large amount of power. The size and the weight are everything. In another word, the battery provides more power without taking too much space in your RV. Lithium-ion batteries are faster to charge and they are long-lasting.

Here are all things beginners must read before start RV-ing:

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